NBA Playoff Predictions Update 2 and Results (3-1)

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This is my second follow-up to my previous two posts which were about [predicting NBA games with an algorithm]( with-r.html), and my [first update to the algorithm]( games-results.html). The algorithm’s record is now 3-1, as it correctly predicted Boston and Oklahoma City as winners of their past games.

Upcoming things to do

Sadly, I have been a bit busy, and I have not been able to do any work on the algorithm the past couple of days. My next steps are going to be to add in more historical data, and to implement a good backtesting framework to get a more reliable error estimate.

Predictions for the Next Games So, here the algorithm is predicting that San Antonio and Boston will win their next games (Boston’s game is tonight, and San Antonio’s is tomorrow). Let’s see how it plays out, first game is in a few hours!

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